Here's a riddle for you: what looks like a cigarette, smells like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette, and feels like a cigarette? No, the answer is not: a cigarette. Instead, the answer is the key to what may be a revolution for smokers: the e-cigarette.  Finally, smokers can say goodbye to yellow teeth, bad breath, and expensive cigarettes - while enjoying their e-cigarette almost anywhere.

It is not hard to hear about all the ways that smoking is injurious to personal health. The messages are delivered everywhere - from our doctors, schools, media and even on cigarette packages themselves.   Still, nearly one out of five Americans still smokes.

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Enter the electronic cigarette, a battery powered device that is controlled by an advanced microprocessor that provides smokers with the same nicotine they get from tobacco cigarettes.  Smokers may be a bit shocked when they first see an electronic cigarette.  It looks like a cigarette, and electronic cigarette smokers puff on it exactly like a tobacco cigarette, however because it does not burn any tobacco or other harmful chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes - it can be smoked almost anywhere.


So what's missing from these electronic cigarettes that are in regular cigarettes? For starters, the dozens of carcinogens and hundreds of chemicals found in traditional cigarettes are not present in electronic cigarettes. There is also no tobacco, no tar, and no ash. This means not only is the smoker dodging these harmful substances, but so are all others exposed to harmful secondhand smoke from the "old kind" of cigarette. 

Since there is nothing to light, you don't need to carry around matches or lighters.  In addition, because there is no flame, there is no ash which is the source of most lingering smells.  The electronic cigarette removes many of the negative issues related to smoking tobacco cigarettes, while giving users a similar sensation of inhaling and exhaling smoke.