Use These Great Ideas To Quit Smoking

If you have been thinking about quitting smoking, you may have already tried a number of different methods. Quitting smoking is difficult, and some things work for some people but not at all for others. It is important that you find a way to quit smoking that really suits your lifestyle and personality. In this article, we will review a few great ideas that have proven successful for some smokers. Read on to learn more.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) has proven successful for quite a few smokers. If your addiction to tobacco cigarettes is based in nicotine addiction, this can be a very powerful method. Nicotine can be delivered via a number of methods from gum to patches to electronic cigarettes. If using a nicotine patch, it’s smart to get the go-ahead from your doctor first. You must be in good overall health to be able to tolerate a nicotine patch. If you are a heavy smoker and you are not strongly attached to the activity of smoking, a patch may be a workable option for you. You would apply the nicotine patch in the morning, and it would deliver measured doses of nicotine through the day. One caveat: You must be certain not to smoke while wearing a nicotine patch. This could result in nicotine overdose and make you very ill. A less expensive option for nicotine replacement is nicotine gum and/or lozenges. Each piece provides the amount of nicotine delivered by a tobacco cigarette. Additionally, this type of NRT delivers some oral gratification. Electronic cigarettes with e liquid are a good option if you are very attached to the actions of smoking. They give you control over your nicotine consumption and completely satisfy all of the oral and hand to mouth aspects of smoking.

Separately from smoking, keep your life busy. Don’t just sit around not smoking. Determine exactly why you want to quit and build activities around those reasons. Remember that if you quit smoking you will enjoy a longer and healthier life. You will also be very likely to enjoy improved physical appearance. Be proactive in your stop smoking efforts. Ask for support from your friends and request that they refrain from smoking in your presence. If you enjoy teamwork, you may wish to find a quitting buddy to help you along the road. You can provide one another with support and friendly competition. Be sure to keep a list of your reasons for stopping smoking handy at all times. If you feel the urge to light up, read your list instead. Then get up and go for a walk or engage in some other activity to take your mind off smoking.

Learn new stress management techniques. Many smokers use tobacco cigarettes for stress management. This is ironic since inhaling nicotine, tar, chemicals and pesticides actually adds to your overall stress, but they find the action and the dose of nicotine calming. It is important to learn genuine, beneficial stress management techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation and exercise. Learn to let go of the small stuff and walk away from nonsense. Avoid spending any time in stressful situations. You may feel very stressed at first as you begin chemical withdrawal from tobacco cigarettes. Take heart in the fact that this is a temporary situation. If you are taking proactive steps to replace smoking with positive actions, the worst part will soon be over.

Give yourself credit for all of your successes and be patient with yourself. Take good care of yourself by improving your diet, exercising more and drinking plenty of pure, filtered water. This will speed the detox process. It may take several weeks or more for all of your withdrawal symptoms and cravings to subside. The longer you have been smoking, the more difficult this is sure to be. Don’t expect overnight success. If you backslide, don’t throw up your hands in despair and give up. Just take up your efforts where you left off and start again.

When you make smart, proactive, conscious decisions about how to quit smoking and then follow them through with action, you are much more likely to succeed. Focus on your success and all of the good things you are adding to your life rather than focusing on the fact that you are “giving up” smoking. Stay positive and follow the tips presented here, and you are sure to succeed.

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