Kristen Stewart, a Fake Smoker?

kristen stewart 300x187 Kristen Stewart, a Fake Smoker?Kristen Stewart is a known celebrity smoker, more specifically, a heavy smoker. But just recently, she completely gave up smoking. Did you ever wonder how she did it so quickly? Well, that’s probably because she just faked her addiction to the cancer sticks.

Promoting her new movie, which is the second part of the third Twilight film, it was said that Kristen made an appearance on the “Conan.” In it, she spilled the beans about her not actually addicted to cigarettes. As she was quoted, she kind of faked it.

During her appearance on the show, the actress called herself as just a circumstancial smoker. As she also said, she just actually wanted something in her mouth. And perhaps, back then, cigarettes were the help she found to get rid of her lip biting habit? Well, whatever is the case, her turning to the cancer sticks was not a good move. It’s a good thing though that she now quit her smoking habit.

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